Michelle Fahy M.I.A.C.P is an experienced psychotherapist, group therapist and clinical supervisor who works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups in her own private practice in Limerick, as well as in community, corporate and training sectors. Michelle has been actively involved in facilitating groups for over 20 years, working with community groups, development groups, outreach programs, special needs, positive mental health promotion, and has worked across all facets of the educational system from Montessori to Third Level. She advocates experiential and creative therapeutic methodologies in her work as fundamental to supporting body-mind harmony.

As well as being a qualified as a Psychotherapist, Play Therapist, Group Therapist and Clinical Supervisor she also holds an Honors B.A. degree, a Diploma in Montessori, a Higher Diploma in Education and has also trained in many areas including couple therapy, psychosexual therapy and Gender and Sexual diversities as well as many other facets of training both in Ireland and in the UK.


Michelle’s Approach

Michelle addresses a variety of matters from personal exploration, life dilemmas, relationship difficulties, personal development, parenting issues and conflicts in the work place or in a group. Her primary goal is to empower individuals, couples and families to channel their individual strengths and resources, and improve the quality of their lives.

The techniques Michelle uses are integrative and dependent on the unique needs of each individual client or group. They may include the more conventional verbal approaches as well as experiential, creative methodologies, visualizations, sand-tray, drawing, and bodywork. Where ‘talking therapies’ may sometimes feel too challenging, there is no pressure to find the exact words to convey feelings. Michelle thoroughly enjoys assisting people of all ages to explore their full potential. Through genuine support and a holistic approach, she assists clients to build their confidence, as they gain knowledge of themselves as individuals, and the world around them.

My Philosophy

“ I believe in supporting a healthy balance and harmony between body and mind by providing a supportive safe space to explore and promote healing and empowerment through a variety of techniques that intuitively evolve through the therapeutic process. I regard the relationship between therapist and client as central to the process and believe there is nothing wrong with seeking help although it can feel scary. Seeking help  is not an indication of failure but rather an indication that you are conscious and want to improve your well-being and current life situation.”


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Michelle Fahy M.I.A.C.P is an experienced psychotherapist, group therapist and clinical supervisor in Limerick, Ireland.