Embarking on adolescent years can be a very difficult journey for young people; it can be a period of explosive emotions or deep personal exploration. Either way it is a time of adjustment and can often create new challenges for parents/guardians and families.

    Michelle’s’ work with young people involves a collaboration of working with both the young person and parents/guardians.

    As all families are different how this unfolds is unique to each individual young person. Michelle has many years experience of working with young people and sees their confidential therapeutic space as being paramount to supporting their sense of self; its  a space to explore their strengths,  their vulnerabilities and the difficulties they experience with the array of challenges they face.

    The initial step in the process is that Michelle meets with parents to form connection, allow parents/guardians to express their concerns and also to explore with parents ways of supporting their adolescent.

    After this meeting the young person usually commits to attending a minimum of 6 sessions. After which time parents are met again to discuss together the best ways of supporting their child.

    * The young person is priority in this process.

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Michelle Fahy M.I.A.C.P is an experienced psychotherapist, group therapist and clinical supervisor in Limerick, Ireland.