Group Workshops


    Positive Parenting Through Personal Development

    Parenting is a personal and unique to each individual person and their unique relationship with their child. By becoming aware of our own personal story and triggers we can become more authentic, happier and loving parents.

    This is for Parents in general, People who parent alone, Post separation parents, Fathers, Foster parents, Blended families. This group runs for 1hr 30mins sessions, weekly over 8 weeks at Michelle’s own private practice in Limerick.

    Interpersonal Effectiveness for Teenagers

    Adolescent years can be one of the most difficult transitions for people as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Often the struggle can be the conflict between still feeling the needs of a child and struggling for autonomy. This workshop through personal development aims to assist young people to learn to get along with others while also asserting their needs in a healthy way.

    This workshop is for any adolescent who is curious about his or her own interactions with others or who may feel unable to express their inner selves. Before taking part in the workshop a parent or guardian must first meet with Michelle, as is her policy when working with anyone under 18years of age.

    This group runs for 1hr 30mins sessions, weekly over 8 weeks at Michelle’s own private practice in Limerick or in a school environment.


    Michelle has been actively involved in facilitating workshops for over 20 years and is a fully qualified Group Therapist trained under Robin Shohet.

    Workshop Groups Include:

    • Community Groups
    • Conflict in the Workplace
    • Team Building (communication Skills)
    • Development Groups
    • Parenting Groups
    • Outreach Programs
    • Special Needs
    • Positive Mental Health Promotion
    • LGBT Communities
    • Adolescent Support
    • Play Therapy Groups In Primary School


    • The aim of Michelle’s’ workshops are to promote personal awareness, self-confidence and self expression, while also providing participants with the opportunity to experience, explore and develop an authentic sense of self.

    • Personal, Social and Community Development Groups have used a combination of personal exploration and creative expression as tools in achieving the objectives of the particular group.

    • Equal opportunities and participation for all especially the active inclusion of marginalized people, excluded groups and people of all abilities.

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Michelle Fahy M.I.A.C.P is an experienced psychotherapist, group therapist and clinical supervisor in Limerick, Ireland.