What is Supervision?

    Michelle is an accredited supervisor with the IACP and provides both Clinical and Managerial Supervision

    Clinical supervision describes a process that supports workers in human service organizations to provide a better, more confident and creative service to clients. The primary focus is the actual doing of the work and how workers can extend themselves in relation to their practice.  People who attend for supervision are care-workers, educators, nurses, therapists, social workers and anyone who works in a caring profession

    Managerial supervision centers on whether certain performance standards have been attained and organizational protocols followed. Tasks, which fall to administrative supervisors, include such things as performance reviews, workload planning and management, and general problem solving and decision-making.

    She considers her role as supervisor as the following

    • To enhance supervisees’ skills, competence and confidence
    • To provide a reflective space and emotional support
    • To provide assistance with professional development
    • To ensure that services to clients is safe, ethical and competent
    • To ensure compliance with professional and organizational treatment standards & practices

    Michelle provides individual, group and Skype supervision.

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Michelle Fahy M.I.A.C.P is an experienced psychotherapist, group therapist and clinical supervisor in Limerick, Ireland.